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Famix Generator

The FamixGenerator is a part of the SharpMetrics tool suite. It analyzes .NET assemblies and generates FAMIX 2.1 and FAMIX 3.0 models. These models can be imported into Moose (FAMIX 3.0 model) and/or CodeCity (FAMIX 2.1 model).

Starting from version 0.95 more than one assembly can be analyzed, which are combined into a single FAMIX model.

Version 0.96 includes an updated version of Microsoft CCI, as there were problems in the previous version.

Version 1.0.0 includes improvements in the handling of generic types. Additionally a generated C#-like code is exported, which can be included in MOOSE analysis. Beside that some improvements in FAMIX 3.0 models (e.g. export of method calls, export of accesses to local variables and parameters) have been implemented.

Please note starting with version 1.0.0 support for FAMIX 2.1 models has been dropped, since there is a new CodeCity implementation available for the MOOSE plattform. If you still what to use the old CodeCity you can try to use version 0.96 of the FamixGenerator.



FamixGenerator v1.0.0

Old, but hold

FamixGenerator v0.96



To install the Famix generator download the zip file and unzipped this one into a folder.

As system requirement a .NET 4.5.x runtime environment has to be installed on the target computer.


Using the generator

A new model is created with the following call:

[installationsVerzeichnis]\SharpMetrics.Tools.FamixGenerator [PfadzuAssembly]\AssemblyName(.dll/exe)

In the directory of the analyzed assembly two file named AssemblyName.dll / exe.f2.mse and AssemblyName.dll / exe.f3.mse will be produced. These files can be imported into CodeCity (the *.f2.mse file) and Moose (the *.f3.mse file).



The FamixGenerator is provided without any warranty. In particular, it is a work progress, can not analyze all the artifacts of an assembly and also has one or the other edge (ie error).

If problems arise, you can send a mail with an error description to

info (at)

We will try to respond as soon as possible to this.