Simplifying Code Analysis


Examole of the city metaphor


The Workbench is the heart of the SharpMetrics tool suite. It uses different sensors to create (source) code models which can be further analyzed inside the Workbench.

Depending on the used sensor a specific set of metrics are calculated while creating the analysis model. For example a sensor for .NET assemblies and a Sensor for Java produce different sets of metrics. The generated analysis model can be displayed using various visualizations.

At the moment the Community Edition is available for download. This version uses only one sensors (the .NET assembly sensor) and provides only the so-called city metaphor 3D visualization. This version requires a .NET 4.5.1 framework installation and can only be used non-commercially.



WorkBench Community Edition v1.2.0


Previous releases

WorkBench Community Edition v1.1.1

WorkBench Community Edition v1.0.0